Pure Pars Fat supplement

Feeding fat supplement is nessary for balancing ration of dairy cattle to meet the required energy and production sexual hormones. Since , production of dairy cows has been increased and industrialized and their genetic capacity highly have even upgraded . Pure Pars Fat contains
99.5 % fat which, is protected and pass the rumen intact to meet more energy for dairy cows production (1 – 2 litres) without negative effects on rumen environment. This kind of high energy product is required for improving body score condition (BSC) during transition period and whole lactation period and supporting milk and sexual hormones production. In addition, when high yield dairy cows does not meet their high energy requirement , they have to mobilize and use their body depositions . This circumstances leds to metabolic disorders, like ketosis, immune system suppress , milk production decline and poor reproduction performance. This product is also essential for controlling heat stress condition which, promotes dry matter decrease and more energy demand .

Advantages of feeding Pure Pars Fat

* Improving milk production of livestocks
* Increasing sexual hormones of dairy cow
* Increasing quality of produced follicles
* Improving performance of reproduction in
dairy cattle
* Improving milk fat percentage
* Controlling negative effects of heat stress



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